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Competitive fees for help-desk services .

Feeling a little overwhelmed with the vast array of IT support there is on offer? So many IT Services companies make IT Support packages more complicated than they need to be, but we’re here to keep things simple.


On site support: A TEKLACE IT engineer comes by your offices to solve any possible problems and answer your and your staff IT related questions.

Online support: Contact us any time you have a problem or an IT related question. A TEKLACE on-line IT engineer immediately starts with solving all possible issues.

Fixed price per month: For a fixed price per month, TEKLACE maintains your IT network. We monitor all pc’s and servers 24/7 and intervene whenever needed (all included in the price). Most issues are solved before they even become a problem.


Cloud is going to make your business succeed faster, better and cheaper. The question is how do you get there? That’s where TEKLACE comes in. 


The principle of Cloud Computing is simple: it is about delivering IT resources as requested and only paying for that actual demand. 

TEKLACE analyzes your actual needs and requirements and takes you on the right track to migrate into the Cloud – professionally, safely and effectively.


Complete security for your users and your network.


It takes a lot more than an antivirus to cover every threat to your business. Sophos Complete Security solution reduces the threat surface, protects users and data, stops attacks and breaches, and most importantly, keeps employees productive.


Sophos endpoint, encryption, web, email, mobile and network solutions simplify security to protect your business and meet all your compliance  needs.

VoIP solutions

Being competitive and improving customer service are critical to your business success. You need a competitive advantage to drive business growth and performance.


We understand that the way you do business is changing. This means your communications technologies also need to easily adapt to change. Our Voice-over-IP (VoIP) services can help you do just that. We offer a broad range of IP-enabled features that help you control costs, increase productivity and improve the customer experience. 


You can take advantage of these network-based capabilities, whether you’ve already made the move to VoIP and deployed an IP-enabled PBX or even if you still use a Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) PBX or Key System.

Network maintenance

With the convergence of voice and data, and the proliferation of communication tools and devices, the network has become more important to businesses than ever before. TEKLACE is proactive with our clients, ensuring that maintenance services avoid expensive downtime and disruption while reducing operating costs.

We have the skill sets to take total responsibility over your network, from the switch layer to the desktop, from servers and software to the security infrastructure that is wrapped around them. 

For a support solution that meets your needs, TEKLACE will start by assessing your network environment, focusing on infrastructure and equipment as well as performance, security and domains. We will then devise a network maintenance plan that will drive your business forward.

Office 365

Microsoft is the recognized leader in cloud-based productivity solutions for business with Office 365 – defining the future of collaboration, empowering people to work anywhere, anytime, on any device.

We don’t just move you to Office 365. TEKLACE can help you get the most from the speed, scalability and economic advantages that Office 365 provides in order to fully exploit its power faster and with less risk. We help businesses build innovative digital workplace solutions to reinvent productivity using Office 365.

We provide a set of managed services as well as digital workplace solutions. TEKLACE can help accelerate your move to a digital workplace through our experience in unlocking the full productivity potential of Office 365.

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